We will provide you with a detailed outline of any surgical fees, hospital fees and other out of pocket expenses including an estimate of what you will reimbursed by Medicare and your Private Health Insurer. You will be invoiced after your operation and supplied with a payment receipt to present for claim to Medicare and your Private Health Insurer. At this time, we only offer elective surgery in private hospitals as detailed on our Contact Us page. If you do not have private health insurance, you will need to self-fund your hospital stay.

Workers Comp and DVA

If you have a valid Workers Compensation claim number or DVA number, your fees can be charged directly to these organisations with no personal charge to you.

Additional Information

MBS Online contains the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and a listing of the Medicare services subsidised by the Australian government. The AMA Schedule is a list of recommended fees for medical services published regularly by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) An Item Number is a code which identifies a particular medical service. These numbers are used when generating accounts for patients, Medicare and insurance companies. A single operation may involve a number of different item numbers which will appear on your “Estimate of Fees.” A gap is any difference between the fee charged by a doctor and the Medicare Schedule fee, resulting in an out of pocket expense for the patient. If you have ‘No Gap’ cover with your Private Health Insurance, your fund will cover this cost. Please contact us to make an appointment.